Family of Prayer =’s ???

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Care to share your thoughts, write below? Specifically, how does your family unit persevere in the faith?


    Care to share? Specifically, how does your family unit persevere in the faith?

  • Kyle Jones

    Great stuff! I was raised in Christ-centered household and thank my parents everyday for my Christian upbringing. They never pressured me with doctrine or anything like that and allowed me to discover my faith in my own way.

    Clean up your room in O’leary, David! ha

  • Fernando

    Just to let everyone know, I have that exact same cross, in the background, right on my desk. Right in front of me! Very nice pics on it.

  • Brigid Sweeney

    The family that prays together, stays together! Thanks for your great example, David. Kudos to Mr. and Mrs. Florian for transmitting well the great treasures of our faith to your children. Totus Tuus, Maria!

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