Blessed James Alberione inspires Media Missionaries

Fr. Domie De Guzman’s journey of faith began when his parents dedicated him to God on the altar table just after being baptized as a baby. As a young man, Domie became a student of AB Journalism, but became sick during his studies, which made him stop and think whether he was following God’s plan for his life. Through his own discernment, he was eventually led to the Society of Saint Paul, whose Founder is Blessed James Alberione. Not yet convinced that he was on the right path, he had a special challenge which he gave to God.

He narrates his journey in parallel with that of Blessed James Alberione, who did not immediately find his vocation to the Media Apostolate early in life. He shares the Blessed’s maxim, “when the Lord calls you to a certain mission, he would empower you.” Blessed Ablerione said through his work in media, that “The World is the Parish” when it came to the Ministry of a media Apostolate and Evangelization. Fr. Domie further explains that media is no longer technology, but a culture, where the bonding of Faith happens with communications, which forms individuals into communities of Faith.