Present in Time

“The watches I wear have a spring inside of them, and the spring creates tension. The built up tension is what makes the watch work. It reminds me of the tension I have in my own life, the tension between sanctity and sinfulness. The tension enables the watch to do what it’s supposed to do. It’s made for one reason, it’s made to mark time. I’m made for one reason too, we’re all made for the purpose of getting to God.” – Richard

  • Enrico Contolini

    Everything we do is set by and around time: school, work, meals, travel, sport (running times, time left in game…)….., so it is very hard to detach ourselves from it and think about eternity. Focusing on the moment, the only time we really have, can be a good first step at getting there. Good reflection for the new year (yet again time-bound 🙂 ), Seth and team.

  • Thanks Enrico for tuning in. I have a feeling that this story will be one that many people will have to go back and rewatch in order grasp the depth of the reflection. More stories coming soon.