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Michelle Marie Mandico, Breaking Hearts LIVE

Choices in Life can Break Hearts, but God’s Mercy Brings us Through “This choice breaks more than one heart, this choice breaks more than one...

Chris Stefanick’s story: from middle school terror to true life in Christ

On September 1st, 2012 had the chance to interview Chris Stefanick, who is a well known Chastity Speaker in the United States and...

Standing up for Life in Washington DC

The March for Life always produces many amazing stories of faith. Today’s story is one of those. Imagine leading over 1500 young teenagers on...

Bike for the Unborn in California, Summer of 2012

Steve Seguin Video Missionary in USA GET UPDATES FROM STEVE SEGUIN

June 12th – 16th, 2012 Southern California “Those from among...

Highlight Reel – March for Life ’12: video 5

When you push play, get ready for the March for Life 2012 highlight reel, and the story of a mother and her lost daughter...

Pro-Life Questioning & Conversion – March for Life ’12: video 3

At the concert to celebrate life last night at St. Bernadette's Parish, the Holy Spirit led this mission again to the Nixon Family, and...

Terri Schiavo’s Brother – March for Life ’12: video 2

The actions of Bobby Schindler, Terri Schiavo's brother, to stand up for the vulnerable people of this nation in 2012, should become a rallying...

The Nixon Family – March for Life ’12: video 1

Whatever it takes to bring Ty, Colleen, and little Benedict to your parish for a concert and encounter with God's hands and feet in...

Crossroads Across the Pond

Keep fighting Irish Pro-Lifers, you have our support from America.

Youth Defence, Saving Babies

In Ireland, Steve gathers a great testimony of a young man who has committed his life to defending the unborn.

Get Out of the Boat (

July 26th 2011 ~ Time to get out of the boat in today's story! Who likes cartoons? Visit to support authentic Catholic cartoon...

Is There Hope in the Youth?

There is youthful Catholic revolution going on in America right now, are you in-tune? What apostolate are you involved in that is making head... & Value of Life Project (sneak preview)

What do your kids watch on Saturday morning?

Olivia Rose

The power of prayer comes out in today's story from Pontiac, Illinois. How consistant is your prayer life?

March for Life 2011 in DC: wrap-up

What a difficult event to attend for a Video Missionary. So many deaths to babies in the womb, and yet our team has to...

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