• Great work Video Missionaries David, Carl, and James in the Philippines, for the hard work on this video. It’s going to pay off as we share the truth of the Gospel online, and the importance of chastity in the modern world.

  • dbarto667

    Chris,you are doing God’s work on earth.Your words to youth gives them a future on earth.Never,ever ,change your love for God.and His creation.He will lead you and help you. The earth was created by God not man and He created it because He loves us and He wants us to be with Him on earth as it is in heaven.

  • David Panlilio

    Thanks so much Seth! 🙂 It’s more of Carl’s genius! haha 😉 we’re so blessed to have a great team here!

  • dbarto667

    Chris,on every American coin you find the words:Liberty,In God we trust ,but also Importantly-e pluribus unum.God has blessed America and His Catholic Church throughout the world.

  • Nancy Wheeling

    Chris, we look forward to you coming to Oregon and being the catalyst in our Youth’s lives! Thank you for saying “Yes” to God’s plan!

  • That’s great that he’ll be in your area of the country Nancy! Thanks for watching and tuning in the story.