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  • Elizabeth

    Love it! Thanks for this. Shared on fb.

  • If her message could be spread far and wide we would have alot less anxiety with our young adults and more mature individuals such as myself. Wonderful broadcast and thank you!

  • Padre Agaton

    love it too. catholics neeeds to watch and hear her testimony. God is truly good!

  • David Panlilio

    Thanks so much Fr.Agaton! 🙂 do you have facebook? id like to add you to our list when we have updates. 🙂

  • Many thanks Padre Agaton for watching! More from Leah next week. Come back often for new stories of hope; and don’t be shy in sharing these stories with family and friends.

  • Proof God exists…(well indirectly, by proving the devil deceived us about truths…they can lie.)

    based on the book…
    The LIGHT; The Rainbow of Truths…t.j.c.c.

  • Caesar, we are interested to hear more about your thoughts, what is your driving point based on the quote / book above?

  • dbarto667

    Can you believe the courage of this young woman.God bless her .

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  • dbarto667

    On EWTN’s program-11-19-13,Johnnette Benkovick stated that a woman’s role in life is not to seduce a man but to inspire him to do God’s wll on earth- Peggy,I love you. Peace on earth and good will to all mankind.

  • Sr.Athens

    Thanks Leah Darrow for being a prophet of our times. With you, the world is heading towards a culture of life (and not death).