Holy Weight by Musa Farmand

July 9 2011 ~ It has to be the Holy Spirit bringing you today’s story from Musa Farmand. Once again, if you tell God your plans, get ready for a good laugh. Well today, he certainly made me laugh as I stumble upon Musa again, but this time in Nashville, TN! Spread this video around to family and friends if you like it.

† Readings for July 9th 2011 †

• Genesis 49:29-32; 50:15-26a/Matthew 10:24-33 (388) • Saint Augustine Zhao Rong, priest and martyr, and his companions, martyrs
Blessed Virgin Mary

••• Rosary: Joyful Mysteries •••
1. The Annunciation 2. The Visitation 3. The Nativity 4. The Presentation 5. The Finding in the Temple

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  • Ethan

    Where can I buy or download(legally) Holy Weight by Musa Farmand?! Beautiful song!

  • http://OneBillionStories.com OneBillionStories.com

    Great question Ethan. Email Musa, mfarmand@ufl.edu to find out

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